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[texts]73 Magazine (May 1982)
73 Magazine May 1982 (#260) Pacific Odyssey - the Kingman/Palmyra adventure ...... KB7NW 12 Top-Notch for Top Band - super antennas for 160 ...... N3BEK 26 The Fun-Amp - 20 Watts out ...... WA0RBR 32 The CCD Antenna Revisited - does it measure up on 40m? ...... W4ANL 40 Antenna-Raising: The Good-Neighbor Policy - sidestepping civil war ...... AK5Q/4 42 'Lite Receiver IV - part I: building it is a breeze ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; radio; magazine; tor; power; frequency; pth; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; radio club; money order; weather satellite; call toll; residents add
Downloads: 6,433 (2 reviews)
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1977)
73 Magazine April 1977 (#199) Shoot the Moon! ...... K3BPP 44 Frustrating The Thieves ...... WB0GGT 46 Automatic Autopatch Release ...... WA1RTD 52 Emergency 911 System ...... WA2RXQ 54 The Downspout Vertical ...... K8ANG 55 RTTY? What's That? ...... WA6CPP/WA7PEI 56 Do-It-Yourself Photosensitizing ...... KL7AE 57 Making Your Own PC Boards -Part II ...... Smith 58 Curing Mobile Noise Miseries ........
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; kit; antenna; power; meter; frequency; circuit; repeater; circuit board; amateur radio; power supply; barrel kit; front panel; qso party; radio club; ham radio; master charge; kit includes
Downloads: 4,553 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (December 2002)
73 Magazine December 2002 (#505) Commercial-Quality Function Generator - Will you outlive it -or vice versa? ...... K8IHO 10 Shedding Some Light on Dimmers - Why not put one of these triacs to use? ...... W2GOM/7 22 Eager for Meager - Try an 11m vertical on 160 ...... AD1B 24 Shack Switch for Foot Fetishists - Not that it's That kinky ...... WA2OKZ 27 Ashore at Sacrifice Rock! - The saga of a masterful DXpedition ........
Keywords: radio; frequency; amateur; antenna; mhz; ihe; thai; cap; december; amateur radio; radio today; web site; time base; radio book; book shop; ham radio; power supply; cal res; three boats
Downloads: 10,049 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1966)
73 Magazine September 1966 (#72) Compact Six and Two Transmitter - Here's a very clever 60 watt rig; easy to build, too ...... K6RIL 6 Poorboy Mark II Quad - A simple, light, three-band quad ...... K4USK 14 5 dB Gain on 75m Mobile - Increase your mobile signal at low cost ...... W3BTQ 20 Accurate VHF Frequency Measurements - Use your BC-221 for high accuracy on two meters ...... W5WGF 22 Add SSB AGC to Your Receiver - It's not hard or expensive ........
Keywords: antenna; coaxial; frequency; power; receiver; meter; uhf; output; transmitter; circuit; power supply; photo courtesy; standing wave; key contacts; uhf uhf; dummy load; low pass; coaxial switches; amateur radio; high impedance
Downloads: 2,040
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1971)
73 Magazine May 1971 (#128) A Big Signal on 75M, Mobile - Only 54" long! ...... W6MOG 14 A Dual Gate FET Preamp for 2 Meters - Do it yourself preamp for those too lazy to buy ...... WB6BIH 20 A Neat and Novel Receiver Accessory - 73 finally invents the crystal calibrator ...... WA6CPP 24 The Hartley Oscillator Story - Invented in 1914, and still with us ...... K2SKV 28 The Widening World of Instant Replay - To videotape or not to videotape ........
Keywords: antenna; power; frequency; mhz; output; amateur; radio; amplifier; oscillator; transmitter; amateur radio; power supply; power input; rotary inductor; ham radio; los angeles; loading coil; extra class; feedback fraction; radio operator
Downloads: 1,880
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1963)
73 Magazine September 1963 (#36) Cast Iron Balun - Using ferrite core inductors. 73 parts kit available ...... W4WKM 8 CW Noise Limiter - Or have you noticed that your noise limiter turns off on CW? ...... W6SFM 10 Errorless RTTY Converter - Well, almost errorless ...... K5JKX 12 Bourbon S-Meter - As contrasted with the more popular Scotch S-Meters. Parts kit on this ...... W6TKA 18 Cartoon - Har de har ........
Keywords: frequency; meter; receiver; rec; antenna; power; tlie; cavity; tuning; xmtr; power supply; front panel; epoxy resin; amateur radio; gap spacing; antenna system; amateur net; power supplies; power amplifier; parts kit
Downloads: 2,448
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1982)
73 Magazine December 1982 (#267) The Hangman's 2-Meter Collinear - Make your tower do double duty. Drop this array from the top and get 6-dB gain ...... W1GV/4 10 Deep-Six Squelch Tails - Kerchunks take a dive with the addition of this audio delay ...... WA2NYE 14 Build Yourself A Paralyzed Beam - Go from east to west In less than a second with this 2-meter array. And put your rotator out to pasture ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; frequency; amateur; power; radio; audio; receiver; rtty; magazine; power supply; amateur radio; toll free; front panel; ham radio; squelch tail; morse code; residents add
Downloads: 3,668
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1971)
73 Magazine April 1971 (#127) What's Really Different About FM? - A lot, a whole lot! ...... K6MVH 12 Aftermath: A Noise Blanker That Works - The author returns to the drawing board ...... W8RHR 18 FM Intermodulation on 2m - Chart for locating interference sources ...... W6YAN 20 Hotroddinq Motorola's Hybrid HTs - A commercial bid for the 450 market ...... W7PUG 28 Stability Without Crystals - Introducing the Sentry Modcom, whatever that is ........
Keywords: mhz; amateur; frequency; receiver; output; meter; repeater; transmitter; khz; radio; amateur radio; power supply; power output; tone burst; phase modulator; ham radio; radio japan; front panel; emitter resistor; signal source
Downloads: 2,062
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1982)
73 Magazine March 1982 (#258) The Porta-Peater The Instant Communicator - quick and easy does it ...... WA2BHB, AC2A, WA2UNN 12 Amateur Television's Stripper - a home-brew star ...... VE3CYC 20 Polishing Kenwood's R-1000 - a gem in the rough ...... K9EUI 34 Peaking and Tweaking Surplus CB Boards - the untold story ...... WB0NPN/8 38 OSCAR Pathfinder - a colorful way to track the satellites ...... WB6NQK 46 Which TVRO Antenna Is Best? - Satellite Central, Part IV ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; radio; power; audio; khz; receiver; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; power output; residents add; hewlett packard; front panel; call toll; frequency range
Downloads: 4,276
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1968)
73 Magazine June 1968 (#93) Transformer Tricks - 15 uses for odd transformers ...... W4LLR 6 The ARC-5 Transmitter/Receiver - A new slant on an old favorite ...... WB6BIH 10 Modifying the BC1206 - Using a Japanese transistor Radio ...... W6GXN 14 APS-13 ATV Transmitter - Tail-end Charlie rides again ...... W6ORG 16 Varsatile Variable Power Supply - A simple bench supply ...... W6SLP 18 Low-Cost Conversion of Surplus Oscilloscopes - Using the IP/69/ALA-2 ........
Keywords: output; circuit; frequency; meter; amplifier; oscillator; power; antenna; receiver; crystal; power supply; front panel; amateur radio; exl condition; power transformer; radio amateur; high voltage; crystal oscillator; test equipment; feedback fraction
Downloads: 2,458
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1973)
73 Magazine April 1973 (#151) Low Cost FM Deviation Meter - Lest you deviate from the path of righteousness ...... W9HD 21 Taming Those Hot 500 MHz FETS for 2m FM - Shrews you what you can do ...... K1CLL 27 Two More Two Meter Amplifiers - Louder is better -right? ...... WB4DBB 31 "Mini" Repeater Control System - Part I - This is the mini -the maxi is a whole book ...... WA0ZHT/l 35 Getting Your Repeater Licensed - Difficult -but possible ........
Keywords: repeater; output; mhz; meter; transmitter; watts; power; logic; frequency; amateur; amateur radio; power supply; watts output; tone burst; power output; general electric; temporary license; power gain; transistor power; repeater control
Downloads: 1,907
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1993)
73 Magazine May 1993 (#392) The Hows and Whys of Coaxial Cable - How to select the most appropriate kind for your need ...... WB2WIK/6 10 An Almost Everything Amplifier - Change from 7 MHz to 225 MHz with no bandswitching or tuning! ...... AA4AW 20 An Experimenter's Power Supply - An adaptable multi-voltage supply ...... KF9GX, Reimers 30 Electronic Project Panel Labels - Let your computer help ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; power; frequency; ham; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; ham radio; radio shack; coaxial cable; power supplies
Downloads: 2,736
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1987)
73 Magazine January 1987 (#316) Announcing: 73 Magazine's DX Dynasty Award - We decided that it was about time someone started DXCC over from scratch! Here's how you can join in the frenzy of DXing's newest and hottest award ...... Staff 27 A Power Supply Primer: Part II - Now that you've rectified the wall socket's ac, you've got to do something about all of those crazy ripples ...... K4IPV 28 Operators Aren't Standing By - Solve your remote-control problems once and for all with this under-pri...
Keywords: amateur; radio; mhz; antenna; ham; print; output; frequency; filter; amateur radio; print print; ham radio; power supply; feedback card; print input; gunn diode; ripple factor; input print; filter capacitor
Downloads: 2,085
[texts]73 Magazine (June 1980)
73 Magazine June 1980 (#237) One Step at a Time: Designing Your Own Ham Gear - part I ...... W4RNL 28 Down with Interpolation - a digital display for the Triton and others ...... W4FQ 36 Hooray! An AFSk Auto IDer! - a clean and and legal ending for RTTY transmissions ...... K3IJ 42 Let's QSY to .52 - ah, technology ...... WB2RVA 44 Five Test Equipment Bargains from Heath - the 5280 series features plenty of measuring power per dollar ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; amateur; receiver; radio; kit; power; magazine; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; radio club; toll free; master charge; signal generator; flea market; circuit board
Downloads: 2,824
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1970)
73 Magazine September 1970 (#120) Integrated Circuit CW ID Generator - Automatic identification for your station ...... W7PUG 16 Six Volts From Twelve Volts - Six buck solid state voltage dropper ...... K3GSV 26 The Indicating Oscillator - Another dipper circuit, 1-400 MHz ...... KH6AF 29 Tuning VHF Receivers - Clever infinite attenuator and oscillator unit ...... K1CLL 32 Code Practice a la Baby Talk - Everybody's doing it ........
Keywords: repeater; amateur; circuit; antenna; radio; voltage; mhz; diode; frequency; transistor; amateur radio; power supply; program counter; gain control; current flow; code stream; noise figure; desired code; cubical quad; character generator
Downloads: 1,871
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1985)
73 Magazine May 1985 (#296) Discover the Discone - Is this the perfect aerial? Consider simple wire constrcution, easy one-time tuning, and flat swr from 3.5 to 28 MHz ...... W1GV/4 17 Two for Two - We respectfully offer a pair of radiators for the two-meter band so elegant, yet so simple, that you will kick yourself for not thinking of them first ...... WA4BLC 22 The Snake with LED Eyes - A tall tale from the Antlers- wherethe decoration is strange and the stories are even stranger ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; amateurs; tor; swr; mhz; hams; antennas; radio amateurs; amateur radio; power supply; antenna tuner; smart patch; radio club; general coverage; norfolk island; base station; ham radio
Downloads: 2,167
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1968)
73 Magazine April 1968 (#91) The Vidicon Minicamera - Using low-cost, high-quality semiconductors ...... W8TYY 6 The Little Gem Fuse Tester - There's still time to use this one April 1st ...... W7CSD 15 Methods of Transceiver CW Switching - Six circuits to achieve easy CW operation ...... W1DCG 16 The Polar Key - Homebrew keyer using inexpensive polar relay ...... K4YWS 20 Checking Your VSWR Indicator - Are you sure your SWR bridge is trustworthy? ........
Keywords: amateur; relay; frequency; antenna; voltage; control; radio; mhz; transmitter; remote; power supply; amateur radio; remote control; control link; uncle alf; horizontal deflection; focus coil; zip code; post office; international crystals
Downloads: 1,950
[texts]73 Magazine (November 1978)
73 Magazine November 1978 (#218) Electro Sculpture - be a radio Rodin ...... VP2DN 32 The SUMSUE Method - determining code speeds ...accurately ...... K1RH 36 The UART Gear Shifter - for multi-speed RTTY ...... KB8CE 38 Silence Groaning Refrigerators - check your house wiring ...... K4KI 42 Bargain Preamp - muliple uses for this one ...... W5REZ 44 Murphy's Masterpiece - the lost weekend ...... WA6PPZ 48 How About Some Holm Shack Safety? - don't be a statistic ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; output; amateur; power; circuit; meter; receiver; khz; antenna; amateur radio; power supply; frequency counter; toll free; front panel; time base; printed circuit; power supplies; ham radio; call toll
Downloads: 2,616
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1976)
73 Magazine April 1976 (#186) Yes, You Can Build This 2m Receiver! ...... WA7SCB 18 A Reprogrammable ID ...... WA3MSW 28 Put That AM Rig on FM ...... WB6FVW 34 A Carrier Operated Relay (COR) for Your Receiver ...... W7JSW 36 A $5 100 Watt Amplifier ...... VE6OB 38 Build A 220 MHz Repeater ...... WA1UFE 40 Carrier Indicator for Your Regency ...... WA1SNI 42 Long Distance Call Eliminator ...... W7JSW 44 Repeaters in Paradise ........
Keywords: frequency; mhz; kit; output; khz; computer; circuit; repeater; meter; program; absolute address; factory wired; barrel kit; total number; program counter; barrel hit; low pass; amateur radio; power supply; qso party
Downloads: 2,090
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1986)
73 Magazine May 1986 (#308) Lousy Inconsiderate Dummies - Lids we love to hate ...... W2NSD/1 28 Speed-Charge Your PB-21 - Is your TH-21 spending more time on your desk than on your belt? ...... WA8IZV 32 Army Surplus CW - Revamp the CIA's secret CW sender ...... W8MFL, WL7AKZ 36 The Day the Aliens Landed in Limerick, Maine - The ultimate eyeball QSO ...... W1ROM 38 The Hula Hoop Loop Revisited - A new twist in deep-null receiving antennas ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; mhz; amateur; amateurs; ham; frequency; lid; voltage; radio amateurs; amateur radio; power supply; packet radio; sine wave; radio shack; trapezoidal wave; front panel; square wave; list price
Downloads: 2,143
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1996)
73 Magazine April 1996 (#427) 440 Super J-Pole Antenna - Here's a great club project ...... KA0NAN 10 The Hentenna - An easy construction project and a chance to experiment ...... KA0DAQ 14 The Big Loopy Skywire - Cheap and simple, with a bodacious signal ...... NH6XK 18 Easy to Build 10m Beam - The Sun-spots are coming. The Sun-spots are coming ...... N6CJU 20 Johnson Matchbox Renaissance - A flea market winner! Or, build one yourself ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; radio; meter; mhz; ham; ihe; antennas; frequency; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; flea market; ham radio; cold fusion; feed point; corner beam
Downloads: 2,039
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1977)
73 Magazine October 1977 (#205) Communicate On 10.25 GHz - with a simple transceiver ...... WA3ETD 26 Home Brew Tilt-Over - the water pipe special ...... W4MEA 30 Minimize Feedline Loss - UHF buffs, front end center! ...... W2STM 32 How About 6 FM? - it's easy with a modified HE-50 ...... W3KBM 34 W.A.S. -Easily! - catching the last few ...... W7FGD 38 Fool the Wire Wizard - a computer would have helped ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; output; power; amateur; kit; meter; radio; circuit; amateur radio; tufts radio; power supply; mystic avenue; radio electronics; power output; barrel kit; circuit board; low power; master charge
Downloads: 3,779
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1978)
73 Magazine October 1978 (#217) DXpeditioning - a "how to" guide ...... WA2VMS 26 VHF On Your Frequency Counter - an easy-to-build prescaler ...... WB0KLH 34 The KM1CC Story - hams celebrate Marconi's miracle ...... WA1JWD 38 Good News! - easy autoranging for your counter ...... Lassagne 44 Mighty Mods for the 820S - more power and convenience ...... K4FK, WA4KIL 48 Improving Heath's HT - a hall-dozen swell mods ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; amateur; antenna; output; radio; meter; power; model; switch; amateur radio; power supply; front panel; toll free; radio club; watts pep; tufts radio; radio electronics; frequency range; residents add
Downloads: 2,899
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1998)
73 Magazine April 1998 (#451) De-Noising your PC - Cure the transmitter in your PC ...... WA9PYH 11 Modifying Your Ramsey Transceiver Kit - One stop closer to the ultimate ham experience ...... N0BLX 18 Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Discretion is the better part of neighborhood amity. Part 2: Hardware ...... WB4BNU 20 Techno-Trouble for Know-It-Alls - How many of these 50 questions can you answer correctly? ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; voltage; mhz; frequency; output; loop; power; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; power supply; output voltage; flea market; single point; web site
Downloads: 2,050
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1963)
73 Magazine February 1963 (#29) 6M SSB - Pros, cons, and the gear to do it with ...... W2NSD 10 432 MHz Gallon - Legal now ...... K2TKN 14 Mountain Topping for Blood - An old pro doesn't answer ones ...... K1CLL 20 Simplified 8JK Beams - The twin-three really puts out a signal. Really ...... W6WAW 24 Double Sideband - DSB has some decided advantages, you might as well read this and face it ...... W3PHL 28 Crystal Oscillator - How to get the stability required for moonbounce on 1296...
Keywords: power; output; sideband; watts; meter; receiver; antenna; ssb; transmitter; audio; power supply; audio output; power supplies; watts pep; input power; power input; watts input; plate current; los angeles; high power
Downloads: 2,020
[texts]73 Magazine (October 1971)
73 Magazine October 1971 (#133) Wide-Range RF Milliwattmeters Using HCD's - Using Hot Carrier Diodes! ...... W6AJF 15 Signaling Through Space Without Wires - How it all got started ...... K1CLL 23 An Instant FM Repeater for Emergency Use - Two FM rigs one repeater ...... K2OAW 29 It's the Real Thing - Power supply not using transformers ...... VE3GSP 31 Meteor Showers: On Prediction Accuracy - WAS on two meters? Why not? ........
Keywords: repeater; amateur; mhz; passive; radio; antenna; meter; frequency; circuit; power; passive repeater; amateur radio; power supply; passive repeaters; fresnel zone; double passive; public service; radio amateurs; horizontal included; remote control
Downloads: 1,871
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1994)
73 Magazine April 1994 (#403) Motorcycle Mobile! - Take ham radio two-wheeling ...... KC6QJB 10 The 40 Meter Full-Wave Horizontal Loop - Take your signal to the treetops ...... NH6XK 14 The Big Kahuna - A 15' high, 160 meter Distributed Capacity Twisted Loop Antenna ...... WA6QBU 20 A Sensitive Bandspread SWL Receiver - Aaah, the nostalgic smell of dust burning off tubes! ...... XE2/KB6EPO 32 A 2 Meter Half-Kilowatt for $1 per Watt - Build this VHF amp using vacuum-tube technology! ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; mhz; power; meter; ham; ihe; antennas; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; power supply; flea market; packet radio; feedback card; case set
Downloads: 3,429
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1985)
73 Magazine February 1985 (#293) VIC RTTY Resource - Is your VIC-20 ready for RTTY? Make it happen with N5ALE's foolproof software! ...... N5ALE 12 Satellite Supremacy - Sometimes 15 Watts just doesn't cut it with OSCAR 10. The solution? Use W2GEF's 60-Watt uplink amp-stripline construction makes building it a snap! ...... W2GEF 18 CB to Six - Why stop at 10 meters? KB5LF's Hy-Gain conversion will take you to VHF just as easily ........
Keywords: antenna; mhz; amateur; frequency; radio; ihe; receiver; ham; amateur radio; transmitter; power supply; utc february; smart patch; turn control; ham radio; private patch; signal generator
Downloads: 2,558
[texts]73 Magazine (February 1980)
73 Magazine February 1980 (#233) CB-to-10 FM Continued - another way to join the fun on 29.6 ...... WB2EQG 42 Sunspot Predictions for 1980 - whither propagation? ...... WA3NKP 47 An End to Dials and Meters? - nope ... but discrete LEDs make an interesting substitute ...... Staff 50 The Paper, the Station, and the Man - a brief history of the New York Times radio stations ...... W3CFC 54 QRP from Canton Island - proving all things are possible ........
Keywords: mhz; amateur; radio; antenna; frequency; circuit; power; signal; khz; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; qso party; ham radio; battery pack; special price; front panel; master charge; heavy duty
Downloads: 2,399
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1967)
73 Magazine December 1967 (#87) 250 kHz to 29.75 MHz Stabilized Converter - A phase-locked receiver with 500 kHz bands ...... K5LLI 6 Some Experiments With Stacked Beams - Getting more gain out of your array ...... VE1TG 14 Simple Antenna Mount for Satellite Work - An el-ez antenna mount using two rotators ...... W4HJZ 20 Strong Signal Interference - AGC modifications for improved cross-mod performance ........
Keywords: mhz; antenna; meter; tlie; ham; frequency; power; radio; circuit; fisk widty; amateur radio; power supply; paper tape; swr bridge; grid dip; reverberation time; local oscillator; meter meter; high school
Downloads: 2,727
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1991)
73 Magazine January 1991 (#364) High Precision Frequency Standard - Use your TV set as a laboratory standard ...... Johnson 9 Scrounger's Guide to Recycled Electronics - Discover a gold mine of inexpensive parts ...... W5FG 22 An HF/VHF/UHF Marker Generator - Get on frequency for less than $10 ...... K84ZGC 27 A Parallel Port I/O Board - Control your world! ...... VE6BGL 29 The Three-Terminal Regulator - Multiple uses in one package ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; mhz; frequency; ham; output; tor; amateur radio; radio today; ham radio; feedback card; power supply; center conductor; rose parade; radio club
Downloads: 3,008
[texts]73 Magazine (August 2000)
73 Magazine August 2000 (#477) Really PIC Key, PIC Key - Add memory functions to your PIC Keyer project ...... UY5DJ 10 10m Junk Box Amp - More tube-type fun! ...... K4CRS 16 Vaya Con (Ra)Dios - The radio amateurs of Spain - part 2: Mallorca and a side trip to the Principality of Andorra ...... WB2AQC 19 Cold Fusion, Hot Speculation - OK, experimenters, get ready to do this on your kitchen table ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; program; ham; meters; august; mhz; amateur radio; thai; front panel; crystal oscillator; radio today; morse code; web site; junk box; photo diode; ham radio; ttl crystal
Downloads: 2,572
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1970)
73 Magazine January 1970 (#112) Single Sideband AM-FM Modulation System - Using easily available filters ...... W2BSP 4 The Transceiver Companion - Does everything but change the baby ...... W6AJZ 10 A Simple Bench Power Supply - For those readers with simple benches ...... ZL2AMJ 22 Slow Scan Color Transmission - See cover for illustration of results ...... Tarr, W4UMF 28 Fascinating Fundamentals : Volta and His Piles - Zap! ........
Keywords: voltage; khz; circuit; antenna; color; transistor; output; crystal; current; amateur; power supply; depletion region; current flow; valence electrons; khz continuous; amateur radio; radio amateur; front panel; free electrons; power transistor
Downloads: 2,178
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1985)
73 Magazine January 1985 (#292) Eight Mods for the IC-730 - Customize your ICOM! Snip here. solder there, and enjoy perfection ...... N6HI 10 VIC RAMification: Part I - Here's how to turn 3 ICs and half an hour into 24K of extra VIC-20 memory ...... Brefini 18 VIC RAMification: Part II - W6LOB fills the 3K gap of Part I with a quick piggyback RAM expansion ...... W6LOB 22 Transistors: A Biased Approach - In Part II, we evaluate base current and gain and use this information to design a working t...
Keywords: frequency; mhz; antenna; radio; amateur; filter; resistor; tor; audio; power supply; amateur radio; radio shack; fair radio; smart patch; ceramic disc; private patch; ham radio; front panel; base current
Downloads: 2,164
[texts]73 Magazine (July 1995)
73 Magazine July 1995 (#418) Dish Antenna for Weather Satellite Images - Build your own 5-loot parabolic dish for 1691 MHz ...... WA9PYH 10 A low Noise Amplifier for 1691 MHz - Build this LNA for weather satellite reception ...... WA9PYH 20 Sailing with Ham and Marine Radio Equipment - Carry ham and marine systems aboard without permanent installation ...... WB6NOA 26 2 Meter Collinear Vertical Antenna - Build almost 6dB of gain for almost $10 ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; ham; amateur; mhz; meter; ihe; marine; power; vhf; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; case set; marine vhf; matching case; radio shack
Downloads: 2,137
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1962)
73 Magazine March 1962 (#18) Printed Circuit VFO - Extreme stability and simplicity of construction in this 50 MHz VFO may bug you to build ...... W5UB 6 Regulated Bias Supply - Great for linears, develops -20 to -120V @ 0-70 mA and presents only 6 ohms to grid ...... W5IUR 12 Check Transistors with an Ohmmeter - Here is the simplest test for transistors yet, and it's safe and works ...... W9QKC 14 Radar Detector - All you 2,500 MHz SWL's (UNFL's?) will appreciate this mobile receiver ........
Keywords: antenna; frequency; meter; circuit; output; power; modulation; signal; receiver; pulse; power supply; modulating signal; half wave; front panel; tank circuit; amateur radio; sale price; plate tank; screen grid; power output
Downloads: 2,183
[texts]73 Magazine (January 1979)
73 Magazine January 1979 (#220) The Italian Freq Generator - from Bologna to you ...... K7YZZ 24 Happiness is a WE-800 - proud owner loves his Wilson ...... K3JML 28 Explore the World of VLF - with this simple converter ...... W3QVZ 32 The S.H.A.F.T. - special tuning gadget for sightless hams ...... K5CW 34 A Remotely-Tuned Matchbox - ultimate operating ease ...... W4PSJ 38 Diodes of the Dead - eavesdrop on the great beyond ........
Keywords: mhz; frequency; antenna; output; amateur; radio; electronics; meter; circuit; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; front panel; frequency counter; time base; call toll; square wave; access code
Downloads: 3,317
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1974)
73 Magazine September 1974 (#168) MOSKEY -Part 1 - Win contests with this programable keyer ...... W3HPX 19 A Severe Weather Warning Net? - Why not with this monitor? ...... W9DTW 27 A Agitable - Make better p.c. boards ...... WA0ABI 41 LXpedition - Peripatetic Edgar Bently's to Luxembourg ...... G3BID 43 Six Meter DXing - You can make WAS on 50 MHz ...... WA6CPP 49 Questions - 2m quad feed -SX101 -GS680 ........
Keywords: amateur; repeater; frequency; radio; circuit; voltage; antenna; station; output; signal; amateur radio; power supply; call sign; control operator; repeater station; automatic control; call signs; severe weather; word space; repeater stations
Downloads: 2,149
[texts]73 Magazine (May 1989)
73 Magazine May 1989 (#344) Decoding OSCAR Telemetry, Part 1 - Decode any OSCAR beacon ...... G3RUH 20 AMSAT Satellite Tracking Software - Choose from a host of great tracking programs ...... W5IU 38 Experimental OSCARS - The story of the UoSAT program ...... G0/K8KA 62 Space Education Network - Bringing AO-13 into the classroom ...... K9PVW and Barr 74 Radio Links to Phase III-D - Making worldwide hamsat communication even more accessible ........
Keywords: antenna; radio; amateur; satellite; mhz; mode; rotor; data; ham; frequency; amateur radio; packet radio; feedback card; sat trak; power supply; ham radio; kansas city; call call
Downloads: 2,452
[texts]73 Magazine (May 2000)
73 Magazine May 2000 (#474) When Less is More - Check out the excitement of QRP ...... N1FN 10 Build and Compare - Learn about receivers from these two simple designs ...... KG4CUY 18 Read All About It! - Part 3 of good stuff from The Hertzian Herald ...... K8JWR 27 You're So Vain - You probably think this article is about you ...... AC3L 36 Exploring the Kenwood TM-D700A - Part 1.. Overview and installation ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; ham; qrp; power; kit; island; mhz; antenna; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; jersey fireball; ham radio; oak hills; feedback card; low power; morse code; switching power; main unit
Downloads: 2,227
[texts]73 Magazine (August 2003)
73 Magazine August 2003 (#513) Clamp-on DC Ammeter - A project suitable for ham radio? Of cores ...... W6WTU 10 The Ins and Outs of Parts Substitution - Part 1: Understanding the basics ...... W6WTU 18 How to Check Transistors with an Ohmmeter - Or: Let's cheat ...... W9QKC 23 Two Monitors Are Better Than One - Run tandem screens and really impress 'em ...... W6PNW 25 Travels with Henryk -Part 14 - Do Not Pass Go(a) ........
Keywords: morse; radio; amateur; code; antenna; mhz; august; ham; circuit; ghz; amateur radio; morse code; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; magnetic field; switching power; noise reduction; radio club
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[texts]73 Magazine (December 1990)
73 Magazine December 1990 (#363) Behold the BackPacket! - Go take a hike with packet radio ...... NW6H 9 Upgrade Your HD-4040 - KISS your Heath HD-4040 and keep AX.25 too! ...... N2BLI 19 The VOX Plus HT Accessory - Enjoy base station performance -with your HT! ...... WA2EBY 24 Pack Your Seabag, "Sparks" - Do you want to be a ship's Radio Officer? ...... N0MM 35 Audio Powered Tape Recorder Controller - Add convenience to your hamshack ......KE0UV 54 Ten-Tee's Hercules II Model 420 - Turn your ri...
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; audio; mhz; frequency; ihe; power; amateur radio; radio today; ham profiles; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; profiles ham; tape recorder
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[texts]73 Magazine (October 1997)
73 Magazine October 1997 (#445) Surface Mount Devices - Everything you didn't want to -but should -know ...... W6WTU 10 El Cheapo - Rub shoulders with the big boys on 20 meters, without shelling out megabucks! ...... 4X1MK 15 APRS Network Guidelines - 20 tips for increasing efficiency ...... W9IF 19 Phased Trapped Verticals for HF - Simple ideas, simple to build ...... KD7FY 21 Simple Signal Injector/Tracer - Troubleshooting made easy ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; signal; mhz; power; solder; digital; amateur radio; radio today; feedback card; ham radio; pet ham; local loop; power supply; morse code
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[texts]73 Magazine (March 1985)
73 Magazine March 1985 (#294) TVRO Trivia - To those would-be satellite enthusiasts wondering which way is "up," W6SMJ offers the comfort of his years of experience in home satellite TV reception ...... W6SMJ 14 All This and PCII! - Would you like a fully-programmable Morse keyboard that will balance your checkbook and play Sousa marches? Then read on! ...... W4FXI 26 Do Volunteer Examiners Work? -A 73 Special Report - National VEC W5YI says yes...
Keywords: radio; amateur; amateurs; mhz; antenna; repeater; fcc; ham; tor; radio amateurs; amateur radio; utc march; smart patch; ham radio; radio club; power supply; flea market; signal generator
Downloads: 2,141
[texts]73 Magazine (April 1981)
73 Magazine April 1981 (#247) The History of Ham Radio - part XIII ...... W9CI 46 Build a Frequency Counter -That TALKS! - state-of-the-art for blind hams ...... WA0OHO 52 In the Stack - R/Cers, don't be grounded by control channel congestion! Put your ship on six! ...... WB3BQO 56 All the News that Fits - make your club newspaper a winner! ...... N9YL 60 My Infernal Tower - tales of aflying fiasco ........
Keywords: mhz; amateur; radio; frequency; antenna; ham; magazine; power; kit; amateur radio; power supply; ham radio; toll free; radio club; variable attenuator; signal generator; call toll; static ram
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[texts]73 Magazine (November 2002)
73 Magazine November 2002 (#504) Your Turn for a Coil Winder - The Gingery Universal Coil Winder can be an easy and handy addition to your bench ...... K8ZOA 10 Multiple CW Filters - Here are some clear descriptions and examples of how you can set up an active audio filter ...... W2GOM/7 16 Automotive Battery Voltage Monitor - Interesting to analyze, simple to build ...... KC5MFY 20 Travels with Henryk -Part 9 - CQ de Havana ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; wire; power; frequency; ihe; amateur radio; voltage; radio today; ham radio; web site; power supply; slot antenna; wire guide; coil winder; book shop; extra class
Downloads: 2,647
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1987)
73 Magazine December 1987 (#327) Welcome, Newcomers! - A "read-this-first" for budding hams ...... KA1HY 5 History of the ICOM 2AT - The world 's most popular handheld ...... KT2B 18 ICOM BP-4 Charging Adapter - Our technical editor beats the system ...... WB9RRT 20 Yaesu FT-209 Modifications - Expanding your HT's horizon ...... KD2WA 26 Buyer's Guide to Handhelds - A little help from your friends at 73 ........
Keywords: radio; amateur; mhz; antenna; frequency; kenwood; icom; power; battery; amateur radio; power supply; feedback card; ham radio; battery pack; base station; packet radio; auto patch
Downloads: 3,029
[texts]73 Magazine (September 1971)
73 Magazine September 1971 (#132) Transformerless Power Supplies - Theory and six practical circuits ...... K3SVC 14 Build a Solid-State Module TV Camera - And amaze your friends ...... W0KYQ 18 An Experimenter's Guide to IC Substitution - Getting HEP to IC's ...... K5JKX 28 Microwaves and Microsounds - How to see underwater ..... K1CLL 38 RF Power Measurement with Hot Carrier Diodes - Rf wattmeters for up to 450 MHz ........
Keywords: ham; hep; radio; frequency; receiver; output; antenna; amateur; power; signal; ham radio; amateur radio; power supply; operating temperature; maximum supply; maximum signal; video module; sound waves; paper feed; ham bands
Downloads: 1,924
[texts]73 Magazine (March 2001)
73 Magazine March 2001 (#484) Way Cool Rocket Project: Part 2 - This 70cm rocketborne radio telemetry system is strictly for kids -Not! ...... N4XVF 10 Build Yourself an NVIS - If you want to talk to the guy in the next county on HF, of course ...... VE2EQL 18 Inside Digital TV/VCR Tuners - Part 7: Conclusion ...... W6WTU 19 Build This Variable AC Bench Supply - If you can find a Variac transformer, that is ........
Keywords: radio; antenna; amateur; ham; qrp; transmitter; kit; mhz; receiver; amateur radio; radio today; web site; ham radio; nose cone; elevation bearing; matching case; high power; bearing box; radio shack
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[texts]73 Magazine (April 1963)
73 Magazine April 1963 (#31) Adjustable Regulated Power Supply - Playing around with transistors? Then have: one of these ...... W1ISI 8 Diode Noise Generator - Simple test instrument to tune up converters, receivers and stuff ...... Thomas 15 Selected Circuits - Polar relay test set great for the RTTY group ...... W4WKM 18 Decibles - What they are, how to use 'em, complete with a monograph ...... K1MRK 21 Vector VFO - Simple, stable oscillator for 80 meters...
Keywords: power; antenna; meter; watts; sideband; receiver; frequency; voltage; radio; output; los angeles; front panel; power supply; screen voltage; output voltage; plate current; south dakota; amateur net; watts pep; final amplifier
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